What is #LoveTampaBay

Because we all #LoveTampaBay but don’t always know it … or show it.

#LoveTampaBay is a multi-media community engagement campaign created by the Tampa Bay Estuary Program to inspire people to DO MORE to love the bay; THINK ABOUT how we depend upon a healthy bay and our connections to it; and SHARE THE LOVE with others. It’s also a celebration of the “crown jewel” of the region that shares its name, the beautiful and bountiful Tampa Bay estuary that unites and sustains us!

The campaign is designed around five principal themes, featuring digital “postcards” with compelling photos and short vignettes that can be immediately shared on social media and by email:

  • Tampa Bay is HOMEshowcasing estuary wildlife and habitats – and people enjoying the bay!
  • Tampa Bay is ART, featuring the work of artists and photographers inspired by the bay.
  • Tampa Bay is JOBS, focused on those whose jobs depend on a healthy bay, a group as diverse as fishermen and port workers to those working in the tourism industry.
  • Tampa Bay is SCIENCE, showcasing the scientists engaged in ground-breaking research and restoration.
  • Tampa Bay is COMMUNITY, celebrating the change-makers who have led the charge to restore and protect the bay, and those carrying the torch forward.

We all #LoveTampaBay, but we don’t always know it – or show it.  The Tampa Bay Estuary Program is excited to be collaborating with our region’s community boosters and residents to raise our voices for a healthy bay.