A Lifetime of Water Memories

A Lifetime of Water Memories

Commercial fisherman Gus Muench (“Crabby Gus”) spent his youth along the Hillsborough River and Tampa Bay estuary. “Billions of good brain cell connections from my childhood established deep roots. Guess that’s why I’m so connected to the water. We had an eight-foot homemade boat we took camping and fishing for mullet along the Hillsborough River. I finally moved to Ruskin in 1976 to become a blue crab fisherman.”

“Each experience on the water is indelibly etched in my heart and mind, even now in the sunset years of my life.”

City-slickers can book a four-hour “Crabby Adventure” pulling traps on the Little Manatee River and learning about the waters that are Gus’ livelihood and love, then feast dockside on fresh-from-the bay steamed blue crabs.

 Did You Know? The scientific name for blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus, means “savory, beautiful swimmer.


Photo By: Nanette O’Hara

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