Chasing the Night Light

Chasing the Night Light

Patience and planning paid off for James Boone in this stunning photograph of the full moon rising, taken from Fort De Soto Park in March 2016. “I had been chasing this shot for almost two years and finally got it,” said Boone. The rising moon lines up perfectly with the Sunshine Skyway Bridge just a few days a year. Boone calculated the timing and angle of the moonrise months ahead using the photography app Ephemeris.

Nightscapes and thunderstorms are favorites of the professional photographer, along with motorsports.

His sideline obsession is as a self-appointed beach caretaker. “When I first started shooting along the causeways, I noticed a lot of trash on the beach. I started picking up stuff every time I went out – it just turned into my little hobby,” said Boone, who regularly devotes about two hours during photo outings to collect trash.   “People should take care of the place they live.”

Did you know? Full and new moons bring the highest tides to Tampa Bay. Savvy fishing fanatics plan their trips around these periods of peak water flow.

Photo By: James Boone

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