Saving the Bay for Fun.

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Saving the Bay for Fun.

Tourists aren’t the only ones in search of fun in Tampa Bay. Residents list water recreation as a main reason they live here. Boating, fishing, paddling, swimming, or simply gawking at a gorgeous sunset are essential to our collective zen.

Stand-up paddleboarding is a popular way to explore the nooks and crannies of the bay’s shallow shoreline. The wide, oversized paddleboards are stable, easy to master and provide an intimate connection with the bay. They’re great exercise too!

Urban Kai sells and rents paddleboard at locations in downtown Tampa and on Gandy Boulevard. They   describe stand-up paddleboarding as the closest you can get to “walking on water.”

Plus, you never know what will pass by or beneath you – a whiskered manatee, a group of sleek dolphins, or a flotilla of cownose rays swimming in unison.

Did you know? Nearly half of all Americans who participated in outdoor recreation in 2015 listed “being close to nature” as a prime motivation.

Photo By: Urban Kai

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