Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue

The Great Blue Heron is a thrilling sight, whether flying low and slow with deep wingbeats, standing stock-still on the shore, or wading shallows searching for fish with long, graceful strides. The nesting pair rendered here in batik is from the work of Bradenton artist Robin Zimmerman.

Her home near the Manatee River is steps away from mangroves alive with herons, egrets, and shorebirds, some of her favorite subjects. “It’s an artist’s dream to have so much color and wildlife right in front of you,” says Zimmerman, whose work celebrates the diversity of wildlife along the Gulf Coast.

“Each batik begins as a plain white piece of cloth. I draw original designs onto the cloth, then using dyes I paint colors into the design. When the dyes dry, I carefully paint melted wax over the colors.”  Immersing the cloth in a dye bath causes the hardened wax to crack, creating the distinctive batik crackle effect. Look for this award-winning artist at local art shows highlighted on her website.
Did you know? Great Blue Herons nest in groups in mangroves along the river and bay. Enjoy nesting shorebirds at a distance as disturbing them may cause them to abandon their eggs or chicks.


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