The Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic

Holly Greening’s career current was set at the age of 10, immersed in the underwater adventures of pioneering diver Eugenie Clark, known as “The Shark Lady” recounted in the book “Lady With A Spear.”

Plus, she admittedly “couldn’t stay out of the water” growing up in Ormond Beach.

As Executive Director of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, Holly brings an abiding passion for marine science to the challenging work of cobbling together community support for Tampa Bay restoration.  Her watershed moment? The recovery of the bay’s life-sustaining seagrasses to levels not seen since 1960!

“What keeps me inspired is being a part of the incredible collaboration of the Tampa Bay science, management and policy community, and seeing the visible improvements in Tampa Bay’s water quality and natural habitats.”

Seagrasses are a good barometer of the bay’s health because they need sunlight and clear water to flourish. The water in Tampa Bay today is as clear as it was in the 1950s!

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